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When some of the scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus to give them a sign, He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign!” (Matthew 12:39)

Opposers didn’t want to believe Jesus when he spoke God’s word. On many occasions, they asked Jesus for a sign or to perform a miracle so that may believe what He was saying was the truth. They simply couldn’t take Jesus’s word for it and constantly wanted something more. How crazy is that?! The Son of God stood right before them and yet they still wanted more!

Quit demanding and waiting on signs from God. He has already provided and they are all around! We often use this excuse just to prolong our laziness. It could be that the Father is waiting for us to take a step of faith and fully trust in Him.

Jesus is everywhere. He is revealed through some people that you speak with, the daily devotions that you read, the Christian songs that you hear, and even in the cartoons that you see on Draw For God! 🙂 What more do you want God to do for you to see Him? As the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus died for us, loves us, and wants us. He is the only sign that you ever will need.

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