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Thank you for your generosity and your willingness to support Draw For God! We are grateful that you chose to assist us in reaching others for the sake of Christ. It is our belief that with Christian art and media, we can help draw one another closer to God.

Your gift can help cover various expenses such as promotional items, video equipment, drawing accessories, and day-to-day operating costs of this ministry.

Below are a few options of sending your gift through either Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal. Again, thank you so much for your support!

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Our mission is to draw us closer to God with art and media.

Draw For God exists not only to lead people to Jesus, but also to help them continue to draw closer to God. Typically after someone accepts Jesus, they seek the next steps in their walk with Christ but can’t seem to find them or anyone that is willing to help. This dangerous issue can lead to frustration, distance from God, and eventually becoming a complacent Christian.

Jesus specifically instructs us to go and make disciples but most don’t want to because they don’t know how. Understanding the Bible and applying it to our lives is the only way to become a true follower of Christ.

Using a variety of creative abilities that God has blessed us with, we teach others about discipleship, Jesus, and the Bible. We hope to bring one other much closer to God with engaging Christian cartoons, Christian comics, Christian art, and intriguing Christian videos.

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