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Our mission is to draw us closer to God with art and media.

Draw Close to Jesus Christ with Christian Cartoons. Our focus is to teach others about Jesus Christ along with the Bible using the creative abilities that He has blessed us with to create Christian cartoons, Christian art, and Christian videos. We believe that the light of a screen can help lead someone to the Light of the world.

Draw For God exists not only to lead people to Jesus, but also to help them continue to draw closer to God. Typically after someone accepts Jesus, they seek the next steps in their walk with Christ but can’t seem to find them or anyone that is willing to help. This dangerous issue can lead to frustration, distance from God, and eventually becoming a complacent Christian.

Jesus specifically instructs us to go and make disciples but most don’t want to because they don’t know how. Understanding the Bible and applying it to our lives is the only way to become a true follower of Christ.

Using a variety of creative abilities that God has blessed us with, we teach others about discipleship, Jesus, and the Bible. We hope to bring one another much closer to God with engaging Christian cartoons, Christian comics, Christian art, and intriguing Christian videos.

Jason and Samantha are a godly husband and wife team that serve the Lord together to run the ministry of Draw For God. Together, they share the awesome news of Jesus with others through videos, podcasts, and art. The pair founded the Draw For God ministry on September 2016 and by the grace of God, they have helped many draw closer to God.

Through comments, emails, messaging, phone conversations, and in-person meetings, God has provided many effective ways to be able to pray and encourage people all over the world. Submitting to the Lord, they strive to follow His lead and remain excited of the future that He has in store.

Christian Husband and Wife

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About the Christian Artist

“Ever since I picked up a pencil at a very early age, I have really enjoyed drawing. Whether its a quick doodle or a full color production, drawing has always been a passion of mine.

Now, much later in life, I’ve come to realize that God has truly blessed with me a creative spiritual gift. Does God really want me to draw for Him? Well duh, that’s why He blessed me with the ability to draw!

Telling others about the good news of Jesus through art sounds like an excellent mission to me!” – Jason (Founder & Christian Illustrator)

Donate to Draw For God

We would be grateful if you chose to assist us in reaching others for the sake of Christ. It is our belief that with Christian art and media, we can help draw one another closer to God.

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Creative Christian Media

We believe that God calls us to assist other ministries, missionaries, and churches. The Lord uses us to be providers for creative ministry media and Christian graphic design. Some of the creative work that we have provided are custom cartoons, Christian illustrations, video production, sermon graphics, church photography, and custom church websites.

See more information on our creative services.

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