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Each time that Moses asked Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, the response was NOPE, NO and NOT TODAY. Plague after plague fell upon Egypt but Pharaoh’s heart remained hard. It wasn’t until a great tragedy fell upon the Egyptian ruler when he finally decided to let them go. Although he allowed Moses and the Israelites to leave, Pharaoh still chased after them in haughty anger seeking revenge.

Just as God gave Moses a message to deliver, the Holy Spirit does the same to us. God constantly nudges at our hearts telling us what is true but our prideful flesh often refuses and chases it away. How many times must we say NOPE, NO and NOT TODAY? How many personal plagues must we go through before submitting to God?

What is God saying to you? Listen to Him and what great joy we receive when we agree to His love. Choose to be released into His freedom!

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