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Last August, we announced a new partnership with Elohim Gospel Ministries. Our Christian cartoons and comics will be regularly published and featured in their bi-monthly magazine called EGM Times. The magazine focuses on equipping a new generation to live for Christ with the undiluted Word of God.

Our very own “Sketchy Christian” cartoon appears in volume 8 of EGM Times and you can see more of the magazine here.

If you are in need of Christian cartoons for your publication, please send us a message and get a conversation started!

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  1. Every young age people should be reading this Sketchy Christian cartoons. Kids like to read a lot and write something. These cartoon books will help them to understand the Christian living at a young age and their knowledge will be developed as time passed. I’m going to recommend these books to my students. Thank you so much for sharing this. God bless!

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