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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Elohim Gospel Ministries! Draw For God cartoons and comics will be regularly published and featured in their magazine called EGM Times.

The EGM team was prayerfully seeking to partner with a Christian art ministry and the Lord led them to Draw For God! They browsed our website and quickly found the content to be a blessing. There will be a dedicated page in the magazine to publish the artwork from Draw For God as it “conveys a message in the form of an art with clarity and humor”. How cool is that?! Praise God!

EGM Times is bi-monthly magazine of Elohim Gospel Ministries which focuses on equipping a new generation to live for Christ. It publishes soul nourishing articles, life changing testimonies and features unique talents. The magazine has subscribers from over 30 different countries. Their vision is to equip the children of God with the undiluted Word of God.

God continues to use us for His kingdom and the joy is overwhelming. Thank you for your supportive prayers for the growth and reach of this ministry. To Him be the glory!

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