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free in Jesus
Imagine you are sitting in prison, cold, hungry, Lonely and sad and full of fear. All of a sudden you hear your name called and the doors open. You have been granted a court appearance. In court the judge reminds of you of everything you did…lied, cheated, thief, adultery, the list goes on.

Then he said someone paid the price for you to be free. Here are your belongings, now go! You are free!

How would you feel? Would you be thankful? Happy? Would you go back out in the world doing the same things that you did with the chance of being chained and locked up again?

Well friends, that’s what our good and loving Jesus did for us! If you do not know Jesus, you are in a prison – you are not free! Your eternal life is hell. You will not experience His goodness or feel His love and peace here and now on this earth, you will walk around and live your life feeling cold, sad, full of fear, angry, selfish among many other things, but most of all you’ll feel alone. You will always try to fill in with people and things…and it will never work!

Jesus loves you so much. It is not a religion. It is a relationship – if you could just understand that! If we had one prayer, it would be that every person would understand that and to let Jesus in their hearts and souls. To read the Bible and fellowship with other believers! Jesus paid the price for you. You don’t have to keep living the way you are. Being a believer is not boring, it is not weird and it is definitely not a cult! You are missing out BIG TIME if you don’t know Him.

If you allow Jesus into your heart, and let Him change your life letting Him break you free of the heavy chains, you will feel so amazing! You will feel love that you have never felt before. If this was not true, we would not be speaking about it. We would not live so passionately about it. After God set us free, we did not turn back to our wicked ways. We totally surrendered to him. And now, every day we get up, and live our life for Him – not ourselves. We pray for every person reading this, that their eyes and their ears will be open up to the truth of the Lord, our God.

Open the prison doors its time to be set free! We are here for you if you have questions or need prayers.

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