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Are you a Christian artist? If so, we would like to feature your work on our website and social media. At Draw For God, we believe art that promotes the good news of Jesus should be shared with the world! Your Christian art will certainly make a positive impact on people and help them draw closer to God! Interested? See the guidelines below and then fill out the form to submit your artwork to us.

Christian art such as paintings, graphics, designs, illustrations, cartoons, comics, etc is accepted.

Christian Art Submission Guidelines

1. The submitted artwork must be yours! Please, do not submit material from anyone else.

2. Submitted images must be clean and clear. We are unable to post small, blurry, low quality files.

3. You are voluntarily sharing your info and art with Draw For God for publishing on this website, social media, and videos.

4. Your Christian art will be a positive impact on others! Provide a creative title and description with your submitted artwork. Your description could be explaining your vision, a Bible lesson, inspiration, about scripture, etc.

5. Not all submissions will be featured. If we do accept your submission, we will decided where and when to publish it.

6. Published submissions will be fully credited with name, web link, title, description, and art image. We will not share your email.

    By submitting this form: You agree that all the submitted content is yours and you give full permission to Draw For God to use the submitted content for publishing. You also acknowledge that you have read and agree with the submission guidelines.

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