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We’ve just updated the Draw For God studio and we are excited to share the results with you! To complement our upgraded technology for video production, we wanted to revive some of our backgrounds so that they could be more appealing to viewers. Knowing the desires of our heart, the Lord gave us a unique opportunity to use some awesome reclaimed wood! The following are photos and details explaining the process of building the reclaimed wood accent wall. This project took approximately 12 hours and cost $0.00!

This pile of wood came from a side of a 100 year old barn that had fallen and had to be removed from its original location. We sifted through the assortment and set aside the perfect pieces that were needed.

A reminder of God’s love!

For the thinner pieces on the accent wall, we discovered an old fence and we were able to collect more than plenty of slats for the project.

After we harvested all the wood that was needed, we loaded it up and headed home.

Next, we scrubbed down the old wood with a soft bristle brush and a mix of water and a soap designed to remove dirt, mildew, and gunk.

We then gave the freshly cleansed wood a good rinse and set them down to dry.

After a few days of waiting for the wood to dry outside, the larger pieces of wood were still damp. Because of the slow drying process, we brought the pieces inside to dry in front of a fan and also to acclimate.

Here is what the blank, boring wall looked like before we got started.

We added a layer of scrap black fabric to the wall so that the gaps between the wood planks would be less obvious.

With a circular saw and miter box, we were able to make clean cuts for a good fit onto the wall.

We began laying out the reclaimed wood on the wall and securing it with 1.5″ finish nails.

Slowly but surely, the reclaimed barn wood went up onto the wall.

For the final touches, two thin boards were added on the left and right sides to give it a clean and finished look.

Not only is this area used for filming videos for the ministry but it also serves as a prefect, quiet place for daily Bible reading!

Here is the before and after shot again. We praise God for this blessing and all glory to Him!

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