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In a chat box powered by artificial intelligence, I typed in: “write a short sermon about reading your Bible” and this is what it came back with:

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Dear friends,

The Bible is the word of God and it is important for us to read and study it regularly. In the Bible, we can find guidance, encouragement, and wisdom for our daily lives. It is a source of truth that can help us navigate the challenges and struggles of this world.

Reading the Bible is not just a task to check off our to-do list, but it should be a daily habit that nourishes our souls. It should be a time of reflection, meditation and prayer. By spending time in God’s word, we can gain a deeper understanding of who God is and how much He loves us.

The Bible is also a powerful tool to help us grow in our faith. As we read and study it, the Holy Spirit can reveal new insights and truths to us, and help us apply them to our lives. It can also help us develop a closer relationship with God and understand His will for our lives.

So, let us make a commitment to set aside regular time each day to read and study the Bible. Let us also remember that the Bible is not just a book to be read, but it is the living word of God, and as we read it, we can experience the power of God in our lives.

In conclusion, Let’s open our hearts and minds to the truth of the Bible and allow it to change our lives.


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