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Todd Luebke of Righteous Grunt sent Draw For God an official military Bible cover and some cool Christian morale patches to check out. After a few weeks of field testing, I am excited to share a review of the items.

On his website, Todd explains that the camouflaged military traits of the products are to remind us that we are at war with the spiritual forces of evil and need to read our Bibles daily. We are encouraged to help ourselves and others to have a warrior spirit with a heart for Christ.

Christian Morale Patches

These Christian morale velcro patches are top-notch. Righteous Grunt offers several different styles and the quality is great. From woven to a thick, durable rubber material, these patches offer hook Velcro on the back to securely stick to any willing surface. I’ve placed these patches on my new Bible cover as well as my backpack (photo below). 

Military Style Bible Cover & Organizer

This military style Bible cover and organizer is rugged, manly, functional and attractive. Its has been constructed using military style material and tough stitching for durability. On the front and back of the outside, the protective padded covers have a couple of velcro spots to add your morale patches. On the spine area, there is a handle for easy carrying and metal D-rings to clip keys or carabiners. A deep zippered pocket can be found on the back side and there is also sturdy zipper that smoothly opens and closes the cover.

The inside of this Bible cover is really nice as well. There are plenty of pockets for storage and elastic strips to hold things like pens, markers, and highlighters. My 2.75” thick study Bible fits perfectly inside with room to spare for extra cargo. Righteous Grunt suggests that a Bible no larger than 16” wide (opened) x 9.75” tall will fit snugly into the protective Bible cover. Since my go-to Bible is much smaller, I am able to slide it into one of the pockets and then put my prayer journal into the other side. This makes it really convenient if wanting to switch things up and carry something different.

There are more features on the inside such as the spiffy red, sewn-in ribbon that can be used as bookmark and there are also more strips of velcro to add your favorite morale patches.

I choose the OD Green Bible cover to match my backpack but there are several other colors to choose from. Camos such as Multicam, Pink Camo, Woodland, Coyote Brown, Black, and Typhoon Black are also available.

If you are looking to protect your Bible in a manly way and to also get more organized while studying, check out the awesome collection of military style Bible covers at Righteous Grunt:

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  1. Sadly, these are no longer available as of Aug 2022! Would like to get this and some patches, but nobody carries anything like these!!

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