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Christian Comic Book

Kingstone sent us some more of their newest Christian comic books for review. The three Christian comics titled, “The Antichrist”, “101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity”, and “Rapture” reminded us of the previously reviewed Bible Comic Trilogy.

The Christian illustrations throughout every page is vivid, lively, and very detailed. Each Christian comic book is also loaded with information and plenty of scriptural references. Although there are mixed opinions and ideas surrounding the topics of a rapture and the antichrist, each comic book does its best to keep Jesus above all.

Check out the following images of the Christian comic books.

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  1. ‘Keeping Jesus above all’ is so true. Comic books are very appealing to many ages, and if they help to spread His word then it can only be a good thing. Christians seem to have forgotten that they have an individual duty to spread His word to all nations.

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