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Through great faith and prayer, I have been healed of uterine fibroid tumors and here is my testimony. Hallelujah, the Lord has healed me!

Do you need prayer? Post a comment below or send us a direct message. We want to pray for you!

Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman was healed at that moment. – Matthew 9:20-22

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  1. Awesome testimony! I was diagnosed with a fibroid last week and I was so encouraged by this testimony of yours to keep trusting God my healer!
    Please pray for me!

      1. Thank God he healed you. That’s amazing😊

        I’m asking and hoping for a little prayer for me too to be healed too for having a subserosal fibroid on uterus. It’s been 6 months of suffering. please pray for me too. Thank you so much🙏. God bless you.

          1. I have been diagnosed of fibroid after a first deadly surgery its over 8years i have not had peace everything about my life is going down the drain! By Divine instruction second surgery has been forbidden please i need your intense prayers the pain is too much.

      2. I have a fibroid timber above my uterus and I definitely believe in the power of prayer and I believe that God is a healer and that he can do what NO doctor can I constantly pray but I would love a prayer from you as well I believe that a Army of prayer Can move a mountain in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🏽 please keep me in prayer 🙌🏽 I love testimonies where God heals and saves ❤️

        1. Hello Kamisha. We have just prayed for you and that the Lord heals you by your faith in the mighty name of Jesus!

          1. So sorry to hear about the diagnosis. We will pray for you and that the Great Physician will heal you and give you a different diagnosis!

      3. Please pray for my daughter . She has been diagnosed with a fibroid and doctor says she will have to go for surgery. She is single and only 34 yrs. Please pray with me for her as I know that Jesus is the one who can heal her completely. I know that by the power of the blood my daughter is being healed.

      4. In 2020 while Covid 19 epidemic was @ its peak…I was hospitalized had non surgical operation and doctors said it doesn’t mean they are moving out,but they seize their growth and become scars…I,ve prayed fasted and I was also joint by 2 women pastors and other 4 women of God and my Family, God has been so faithful the surgical process became successful……but I need honest its like they recurring and the last time I checked with my gynecologist she said ,they do recur and this time they attack the digestive system, she recommended that I should remove them totally through surgical procedures and I refuse with body,those uterine fibrosis should be totally removed God is faithful and the devil is the liar.

        1. I was just hospitalized for 4 days causemy right leg had a serious swelling in subsequently heavy lifting and I thought I,ve developed DVT,but to my surprise when I got admitted, I was taken for CT scan ultrasound & exray the medical report indicates there is a large fibrosis causing obstruction to the veins that transport blood to the lower leg hence my leg its dark and painful, im going to see a gynecologist on Thursday to discuss my diagnosis and is the same gynecologist that told me that fibrosis do some recurring on many occasions and now I’m tired I can’t stand this anymore 12yrs is long past,my life is in stagnation .

          1. We are so sorry to hear about the complications and pain that you are going through. We’ve just prayed for you. May the Lord bless you and restore your health!

    1. Please pray for me as I want God turn my fibroids into twins baby. I am believing God for a miracle as he makes the impossible POSSIBLE. Amen.

    2. Ultrasound shows that I have multiple fibroids. Please help me and pray to God that he may remove them from my womb

        1. I was led to your website just now. I strongly believe that the fibroids up to my epigastric area will dissolve through the healing virtue of Jesus. I request your prayers in His name for my total healing, marriage and multiple pregnancy. Thank you.

    3. I been going through this thing in my womb for about 6 months it a gtowth growing in my womb, it is so uncomfortable ,it have a very bad smell…I’m so tired of smell it .please pray for me.

  2. I’m due to have a hysterectomy due to the fibroids that grew over time next month. Although I know Jesus is the Master Healer, I’m very apprehensive about having this surgery. Can you please pray for me, so these doctors will know who is the Healer in my life?

    Thank you very much for your prayers

    1. Me and my family just prayed for you. We prayed that you will receive full healing from Jesus so that you may stand and declare His name for His glory!

    2. I great you in the name of our lord Jesus christ. Am scheduled for surgery in 3 days time. Please pray for me, for God to forgive my sins and heal me. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony. God is good and able. I’m exercising my faith and believing the fibroids that we’re reported on the sonogram report today will miraculously dissapear. I’m also believing for a husband and twin babies. Please keep me in prayer. God bless you!

    1. God is indeed good and able! We can’t wait to hear your testimony of being fully healed in His name!

    2. I was diagnosed. With uterine fibroids early this year pray for me to get healed your prayer has encouraged me alot.

      1. Hello! We have prayed for you and are hopeful that the Lord will heal you according to His will!

        1. Please pray for me as well I have fibroids and I need a baby and I don’t see my period

  4. I was diagnosed with a fibroid and cysts. It has caused prolong periods, (at one time I bled for 5 months straight) its caused unbearable pain, and my doctor believes its what’s preventing me and hubby from getting pregnant. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ and I trust Him for my healing. I dont want my faith to be in doctors, pills or anything else. Please pray for healing for my fibroids, cysts, cramps, and that everything will be able to function properly in my body to allow me to carry our future children full term. In Jesus name.

    1. We just prayed for you. May the Great Physician heal you of all your fibroids and symptoms in the mighty, mighty name of Jesus on this day! We look forward to hearing your testimony on His restoration!

  5. Greetings. I am pregnant with multiple uterine fibroids that they say are big. Please pray for me to carry my baby to full term and deliver like the Hebrew women without any complications. Also pray for me as regards the fibroids. Let God give me complete healing. I want to be free from fibroids. I know God can do this. Thank you.

    1. Prayers just went up for you. In the name of Jesus may the Great Healer restore your health and give you favor with your pregnancy! Trust in Him and know that He will provide for His children.

  6. I believe Yeshua can dissolve that fibroid in my uterus that was mentioned by doctor this past week. I do need others to also pray for me. Yeshua has healed and disolver me ovarian cyst before he can also dissolve this fibroid for his glory . Thank u for your prayers in Yeshua’s name

      1. Hi! I am 33 weeks pregnant now with cervical myoma considered high risk pregnancy and anytime from now may deliver preterm CS. My Myoma is really giving me worst pains everyday. I dont know If I could still make it to deliver by June.
        Still hoping my myoma will not grow fast and will deliver on June without any complications, with faith above.
        Please Help me pray with my condition right now . Badly need it. 😞😞 Thank you

        1. We just prayed for you and are hopeful that you will receive the Lord’s healing and allow you to carry your baby full term. May He take away your pain and worry this very moment.

    1. It’s great reading the testimony above. I’ve also been diagnosed of having multiple fibroids. But i trust in God’s healing power. Please remember me in prayers.

  7. Am 29 about to get married am moved by your testimony and I believe God his my healer I need u to pray to God with me so I can also testify of fibroid leaving my uterus I have faith that b4 my wedding I will feel those lump no more Amen

    1. im just been from miscarriage for my 2nd child, unfortunately it was happened last june 28th 2021 and i was so disappointed and been diagnose that i have an intramural myoma and my ob told me that it may one of the caused of miscarriage. until now, i still cant accept and i feel guilty to myself and it seems that i keep on blaming myself please help me to pray that i will accept what happened, and please help me to pray that God will heal me and i hope through prayer and faith my myoma will just disappear oh God in jesus name Amen…

      1. Hello and thank you so much for sharing. We will pray for you! May the Lord heal you, restore you, and give you the desires of your heart!

    1. The Lord can heal all. We pray that He hears all of our requests and that your health is restored in the name of Jesus.

  8. Last October, I have been diagnosed with multiple fibroids in my uterus. I want to be healed by a healing touch of the Lord and I believe that God can heal me. I am 31 years old, single, and wishing to have a family soon. By His stripes we are healed – Amen! Please pray for my healing and health. I need it so much. God bless.

    1. We just prayed for you and believe that Jesus will heal you and restore your health for His glory. May He also guide you to the right one to start a family with!

    2. Hello, I was found having multiple uterine fibroids and the Truth is my stomach is big as if someone pregnant yet am not. I believe in mighty healing hand of the Lord. Please pray for me

  9. Praise God I am healed! The demon of fibroids has no hold over me. Thank you Jesus Christ for the healing you purchased for me on Calvary! I will continue to praise your name!

  10. Praise God I am healed! The demon of fibroids has no hold over me. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for the healing you purchased for me on Calvary! I will continue to praise your name!

      1. Im trusting God to heal me of fibroids. I was so encouraged by your testimony . I strongly believe that God will heal me completely and i will not require a surgery in Jesus name !

  11. I cried watching this and couldn’t finish watching. I don’t understand. I’ve had fibroids for years.. can’t afford the surgery. They’re humiliating and yesterday
    I could feel everyone looking at my stomach because I look pregnant. They are large and shrink when I switch to a strenuous diet and drink all sorts of mixtures, but just grow back if I lapse. I can’t live like this. I don’t understand… I’ve prayed for years.. and been prayed for many times. I’m a born again believer. I don’t know what to do.

    1. So sorry to hear that you have been going through this for so long but believe and trust that a break through is coming. There is suspicion that my fibroids came back but other symptoms are gone. It’s all about His timing and our faith. We prayed for you and hope that He’s going to deliver you of this burden soon.

      1. Hi there…did your fibroids come back? I’m dealing with this and trying to wrap my head around all this as I pray for healing. Thank you.

  12. I have fiboirbs and the doctors would like to do a surgery, but i trust GOD, for healing 🙏, please pray 🙏 for me that GOD takes these fiboirbs away. He can do all things but fail.

  13. I believe God for my healing, i have undergone this fibroid surgery before but now the Dr says is back. I’m feeling the symptom, please pray for me

    1. Thank you for sharing. Yes we will pray for you and that God brings further healing to you in this.

  14. I need divine miracle in my life, have suffered from anovulatory cycles, ovarian cyst & fibroid. Please I need God to heal me … six years of marriage no child. I need to carry my own children.

    1. Hello, we just prayed for you. May the Lord restore your health and also bless you with a child if it is His will. Be sure to come back and share your testimony with us!

  15. I I have fibroid and its multiple, the doctor said I should do surgery and have I been booked for the surgery because mine is very big like 8 months pregnant woman, please pray for me,so it shrink or I will deliver it like a baby,so I will be free to get pregnant and have my own children.

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting. We have prayed for you and we are excited to hear your testimony on this!

  16. Hello am Elizabeth Ajiboye I have been married for almost 4 years now without issues the said I have fibrold, is only through surgery it can remove, but am scared, pls pray for me, bcos I don’t want to go for surgery

    1. We just prayed for you and may the Lord heal you with His touch. We prayed that your health would be restored in Jesus’ name.

  17. I am few weeks pregnant. Doctor says there is fibroid, I had miscarriage few months back. Please pray that God heals me completely of the fibroid. Pls help me pray I carry my pregnancy to full term and deliver safely.
    God bless you.

    1. We’ve just prayed for you! It was our prayer that, if it is His will, He will heal you and bless you with the gift of a healthy child. Please be sure to come back and share your testimony with us soon!

  18. Please dear pray for me, few years back 2017 to be precised, I was diagnosed of fibroid, but I have no money for surgery till now, please pray for me for God’s divine healing. I have been have lower back pains and irregular menstruation. I strongly believe that with your prayers over this fibroid that deposited in my uterus shall be eradicated. Remain blessed.

    1. We just prayed that the Lord heals you at this moment. May He restore your health and remove the fibroid in Jesus name!

    2. Greetings children of GOD, I was diagnosed with fibroid last year and I am on treatment, I have to go in for a scan to see if the fibroid is still there, please join me in prayers, i want the fibroid to disappear. I BELIEVE THE LORD WILL DELIVER ME, TO GOD BE THE GLORY

  19. I am asking for prayer this very moment, I am an Nicaraguan , and yesterday I just discovered I have a fibroid that measure 96.77mm , and now I am suffering heavy bleeding, cramps , back pain , bleeding more than a week, so I need you prayers to wards this sickness. I strongly believe God will set me free from this fibroid. Thanks Vanny

  20. Hello,
    May you please pray for me? I just had cysts and fibroids removed last week during surgery. I’m hoping they won’t be back because my doctor said that they can sometimes return even after surgery. I want to have a family someday when I’m ready and I don’t want this to hinder me from that. I haven’t found the one to start a family with yet, but I continue to believe and hope it’ll happen soon. I really need a permanent breakthrough and deliverance. Thank you for your prayers.

  21. Pls pray for me, we have been trying to concieve and I was diagnosed of fibroid but it’s been one hospital and treatment to the other. The last Doctor we visited said I should do sugery but I strongly believe God can heal me. Pls,I would like to join my faith with yours, so that same God who did it for you would do same for us and we can have our babies.

  22. Please pray . I am believing God for a miracle to take place in my uterus.
    The last utrasound shows a unkown mass in my uterus.
    Thank you.

  23. Please pray for me! The doctors told me my womb is 28cm long and I am “5-6months pregnant equivalent”. They found multiple fibroids and want to remove them surgically. I am trusting God for a miracle with ALL I am. It’s been about 2 months of prayer now and they are still there but I trust God that He will take them away so that there is nothing to operate on.

    1. Hi, I’m going thorough the same thing and was wondering what your outcome was? I’m still praying for mine…been over a year now, but its nice to hear if people still had surgery. Thanks.

  24. Hello, I am moved by your testimony. I am asking you all to please pray for me and with me, I was diagnosed last week with multiple fibroids. I do not want any more operations. I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in corporate prayers of believers. Thank you very much for your love.

      1. Pls I am seriously believing God to settled down for marriage and I and close late 30s. I just got diagonized of uterin , multiple fibroid inside my womb. I really believe that God of instant healing miracle can instantly heal me. Pls pray for me.
        Thank you.

  25. I have been diagnosed of uterine multiple fibroids. Trusting God to start treatment. Please pray for me for a successful treatment and conception. God bless u.

  26. Please pray for me, I want the 15cm fibroid to be gone! Also thank you for taking time out to reply every comment and pray with the commenters. God bless you!

    1. Hello! We just prayed for a healing for you in the name of mighty name of Jesus! We love praying for everyone here because we feel that’s what we are called to do. 😁

  27. Pray for me please. I have been tested for fibroids and d results went positive. Please I need God’s miraculous healing completely upon my life.

  28. Please pray for God to heal my womb from recurrent uterine fibroids. I want to testify about God’s MIRACLE healing

    1. We will pray for you and are hopeful that the Lord will provide that exact miracle that you are desiring!

  29. I was led to click on this website. I needed this reminder that He is no respecter of a person. I was told that have 4 fibroids surrounding my baby in my womb and two on both sides of my uterus. I am believing in God for a natural, healthy birth. I need these fibroids to dissolve & leave my body in the name of Jesus. I am asking that you all please stand in agreement. I expect nothing less than a testimony!
    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  30. Hi would like you to pray in agreement my wife and I we are expecting God to do a miracle and remove her fibroids completely in Jesus name.

  31. I have been devasted ever since I was told I had fibroids. I can’t bear the pains. I pray for divine healing for myself and others here. That our heavenly Father would cause this fibroids to shrink and die off by themselves. Amen.

  32. I have been diagnosed with 5.1 com fibroid in my uterus, and have suggested surgery. I know that God is a God of healing and that nothing is impossible for him. I need that by the power and precious blood of Jesus, this fibroid is dissolved and disappear from my body. Jesus, please touch and heal me. Amen

  33. I am diagnosed of multiple uterian fubroids. I have faith that my case will not be different I will be set free from fubroids. Pls pray for me.
    Thank you.

      1. Please pray for me, I have multiple fibroids with heavy bleeding. Its disturbing my life, iam due for operation. Iam also believing for a child.

  34. Hi…please pray for me that my fibroids be removed…I am trying to conceive from the past many months…but nothing till now…please pray for me…

  35. I have a very big fibroid and my waist is always paining me in a way that I can’t walk normal .. I don’t know what to do
    Please pray for me
    I need Jesus to speak to me what I should do .. I don’t have any baby and I will love to have kids I do not like surgery .. so help me God😭

  36. I am having a upcoming surgery for removal of several large uterine fibroids. Please pray for a successful uncomplicated surgery and that the doctors are able preserve my uterus and ovaries so I may have children. Please also pray that no abnormal tumors are found on any of my organs and I heal quickly from the surgery.

    1. So sorry to hear about the pain that you are going through right now. We prayed for you and hope that the Lord gives you great comfort and healing.

    2. Hello! We have prayed for you. If it is His will, may the Lord heal you to where you don’t even require surgery. In the name of Jesus may He give you comfort, take away the pain, and give you what you heart desires.

  37. hello plz u need prayers. I want God to clear of every fibroids and block fallopian tubes and I pray for triplets two boys and a girl

  38. Please pray for divine healing of my daughter Primrose. She also diagnosed with uterine fibroid.
    My daughter is suffering, in fact the entire family is suffering.

  39. Please pray for me I had a miscourage 4months ago due to the fibroids. I really want to conceive twins. I have 💯 faith in Jesus name

  40. Please pray for me because i am dealing with heavy periods and my gynecologist just told me it maybe a possibility i may have enlarged fibriods and i am having an ultrasound coming up next week and i want you to pray a strong prayer that it will come back negative
    Please let me know I will be alright and i have faith in Jesus

  41. Please keep me in your prayers, I was diagnosed with fibroids the big ones and I was told to first shrink them before surgery. Iam so sad and discouraged but God can do anything I know. Keep me your prayers first to God to lift my faith and take the pain and dry them from its roots in Jesus name.

  42. Please pray for me I have diagnosed with fibroids and told it’s about 10 cm and my uterus need to be removed .I have been bleeding severely the past 7 days .clots come out and black..oh I need help I just need someone to talk to and encourage me .I’m thinking of going on fasting water only .I have been feeling dizzy a lot since I lost blood

    1. We will pray for you! Can you send us a message through our contact page with your number so that we can call you to talk?

    1. I have fibroid now and I need serious prayer,it’s big but it’s not bigger than my God.I believe God will heal me now.

      1. I have fibroid which has stopped me from getting pregnant since 2years now, I just made up my mind for surgery because I have prayed for God’s divine healing, but I Still believe God can turn the fibroid to babies. Plz, pray for me, cos tears has been my food, I don’t want to be operated at all at all. Thanks

        1. So sorry to hear about the pain that you are going through. We have prayed for you in the name of Jesus!

  43. Join me and pray,I was diagnosed of fibroid and I believe that God will heal me. I don’t believe in Doctor’s report but in God’s report.Amen.

  44. Our mighty God is amazing.
    Please pray for me I am in so much pain and I am trusting and hoping for a miracle.

    1. We will pray for you and specifically for the healing to come and pain to leave in the name of Jesus.

  45. I just read your testimony thank you so much for sharing. I am believing for the same kind of miracle for a friend that has suffered with the same for a very very long time
    She has tried all sorts of medication and they just keep getting bigger, the doctors have said she needs surgery to have them removed and I know that she is really scared. Please believe with me for her healing. I want God to make her happy and whole

    1. We have prayed. Your comment reminds me of Luke 5:17-24 and we are hopeful that the Lord will heal your dear friend.

  46. I have been trying to conceive for almost a year now, and it has not worked yet. Please I need you to pray for me that my next period won’t come as blood, but as pregnancy. This issue has started affecting my marriage please😭😭

  47. Once again I am standing in the need of prayer for my fibroids I know that God is a healer I believe and have faith I don’t want to get a hysterectomy because I know that God can do abundantly and all we ask I’m in need of prayer that when I goes back to my doctor next month that the fibroids has shrunk in the mighty name of Jesus. Please pray for me as I will do the same. Jesus said in his word where their are two or 3 agreeing on the same things there he go in the mix of it all so I’m standing on his promises through faith in Jesus name. Thank you so much

  48. Amen………I have a bloated tummy…….I have tried everything possible…. All to no avail……..I need healing…… Please please please pray for me.

    1. So sorry to hear about the issues that you are having. We just prayed that the Mighty Healer will heal!

  49. Please my tummy looks bloated……I really dont know what it is……I have tried everything possible……please pray for me…..thank you🙏🙏🙏

  50. Please pray for my restoration of health. Have been living with bloated abdomen, etc. from multiple large fibroids for years now. Waiting for medical treatment. Would love supernatural healing to supersede. Please please pray for me.

  51. Please pray for my restoration of health. Have been living with bloated abdomen, etc. from multiple large fibroids for years now. Waiting for medical treatment. Would love supernatural healing to supersede. Please please pray for me.

  52. I have had fibroids for the last 5 months and I was diagnosed with it in February of this year and it was detected during an ultrasound procedure and I never expected it and its making my body uncomfortable and draining and I want it to go away I’m hoping they haven’t grew and they’re shrinking away can you please say a prayer for me for them to go away and I have an ultrasound coming up soon to check for ovarian cysts and I hope for great results will you please pray for me to remove all this.

      1. Please pray for me…I have a large 13 cm fibroid. It has changed my quality of life and the stress and burden of this is heavy on me. I am praying, believing for God to shrink this fibroid for HE has the final say. I am praying to avoid surgery of any kind. I am still a young woman and want to be able to have children. Please pray for complete healing for me!

  53. Please pray for me l hve fibroids moving in mu stomarch everytime l get a man they leave me from no reason.these fibroids l bleed a lot and l am 43.they are a demon l want to conquer in my life in Jesus name.l want them out of my life that my closed doors can open in Jesus name Amen

  54. Please pray for me 6weeks after myomectomy surgery I have found out that I have some fibroids in my uterus again.Please pray I feel very sad and frustrated

  55. I have fought fibroids for 7 years now +
    I have received many different reports that spoke of fibroids, small. However, almost two years has passed. Tonight I sadly ended up in the ER with 2 large 6cm fibroids side by side crushing into both my bladder and uterus and other organs.I have great faith and I do believe I know the Lord will provide a healing. HE is good! I stumbled upon your site tonight and tears started flowing, at the same time I saw your story about the lady in Matthew who touched Jesus’ garment, I was watching the chosen” episode about the SAME woman…it brought me SO much hope, God just knows how to bring fourth comfort to our weary souls.. recently, I was called by God to do a podcast where ppl share their story of testimonies. I, too am praying to share my own future testimony. I’m so blessed to hear of your great faith, too. Glory to God! Thank you for your prayer and great faith in Him, be blessed.

    God Links podcast

  56. I have fibroids ,the bleeding is bad, been dealing with it for years my ovaries being affected too. I am a believer in and firmly believe in His healing. Recently now I am having brain issues too. Please pray and believe with me for God intervention, and manifest healing for me.

  57. Please pray for my sister Naomi Edwards who has been diagnosed with fibroids, they have suggested that she needs an operation which could be risky and could lead to a hysterectomy. Naomi is only 31 years old without children, please pray for Gods healing power and for the fibroids to shrink naturally.

  58. Please pray for God to heal me of my fibroids. I pray for the fibroids to shrink. I’d like to have children. With God all things are possible.

  59. Please pray for the Lord to heal my multiple large fibroids, complex cysts and restore my fertility in Jesus’ name!

  60. Please pray with me, I am tired of this condition, multiple fibroids, severe anemia, weight loss and heavy bleeding since last year. I believe this is my time and I will soon testify.

  61. Please pray for God to uproot every satanic siege of multiple fibroid from my womb and make a joyful mother of children this year…

  62. I have seen God move mountains and part waters and do amazing things that only God can do. In February 29, 2023 I just started bleeding has hasn’t stopped. I do have my first appointment in June 26 which was made back in april. I been praying and getting closer to Jesus during this process. God healed Jesus wounds when he died on the cross and rose up. He was healed so I can be healed. I share with anyone all what God is doing in my life and I want the power of healing to be part of my journey to share with others. Just like you are sharing. Am asking for prayers that I get delivered from my fibroids

  63. Hello, Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. God is still healing and working miracles. I’ve always believe in miracles and healings. I have also personally experience God’s healing before and 1 month ago I’ve been diagnosed with multiple fibroids in and outside my uterus and although it’s easy to go and seek man’s help, something in me wants to believe God for healing so I’ve decided to take the hard raod of changing my diet and lifting my faith in God to believe once again that he can take this abnormal growth from me. So far, my symptoms are fading and I can get through my days alot better. I have been praying for others who are suffering all over the world. Please pray for me to be completely healed as I pray for others for their healing as well. We all can pray for each other. Thank you!

  64. I was diagnosed with fibroid in 2019 and now they want me to undergo myomectomy surgery. Please pray for God to heal me supernaturally of multiple fibroid and bless me with the fruit of the womb. 🙏

    1. We will pray for you and hope that the doctors will find nothing but the healing of Jesus all over you!

  65. Please pray for me to be healed of fibroids and be able to have kids someday. I have never been able to get pregnant. I haven’t been obeying Him the past year, I’m trying to do things right. But I’ve been backsliding. Trying to get married to my boyfriend, he needs prayer too.
    Jesus is using even this to bring me back to Him and my first love for Him, because I first sought Him for healing 10 years ago, and He healed me then. He is so faithful to remind us how He loves us

  66. Please pray for me. I have been praying against these fibroids for `10 years this November. I do not want a hysterectomy. May God touch my womb in Jesus name.

  67. God will heal you ma
    What God can’t do doesn’t exist.
    I would like to recommend you to follow NSPPD prayer every morning 7 to 9 Nigeria time.
    God has been showing himself as divine healer

  68. Please pray for me that I am healed of fibroids ,every fibroid in my uterus is regressed and I now have normal,regular pain free periods.I wish to be healed without surgery.,please heal me as I write to you..In the name of be it ,Amen

  69. Pray for my wife who is having multiple fibroid. She’s been booked for surgical operation but I have Faith that through prayer she’s going to be healed.
    Five years of marriage no child, please help us in prayer.

  70. Please pray for me God should healed me from ovarian cyst and Fibroid so that I will have my children. Three years in marriage no child. It hurts me so much.

    1. Hello! We just prayed for you and that the Lord would heal you and give you the desires of your heart.

  71. Me and my husband just experienced an miscarriage and we are so torn right now but we know our God is able. When the doctors and nurse couldn’t find a heartbeat they also noticed that I had fibroids and cyst and I pray that Lord heal me completely from them! Please pray for me(and my husband). Your testimony is so awesome! It gives up hope! Thank you for praying for my healing in Jesus mighty name!

    1. We so sorry to hear about what you are going through. We just prayed for you both and are hopeful that the Lord will heal you and bless you with children. Never forget that He loves you!

  72. Hi 👋
    I have 3 fibroids and bleeding about 2 years. I am exhausted. I don’t want to go under surgery. I want Lord’s hand to heel me!
    Please please pray for me to heal.
    I really need your kind prayers my dear friends..

  73. I have diagnosed with multiple fibroids out of which 2 are very big. Doctor has advised for surgery. Lord Jesus heal me without surgery. Prayer for good health for my hubby and children.

  74. Greetings!
    Please pray for God to uproot every satanic siege of multiple fibroid from my womb and make a joyful mother of children this year…

  75. I have been dealing with heavy uterine bleeding since 2019. Doctors gave me a constant run around with medications, tests, and ultrasounds; and wanted me to have a hysterectomy at 32! I said no in hopes of a better way. But this has gone on for 5 years now. I know Jesus is my only healer. I’ve been praying so much. Please pray for me. That the Lord heals my womb, that He restores my womb, and that this bleeding stops. Please.

  76. Bid alstublieft ook voor mij . Ik denkt hebt vleesbomen buik groot ik heb een baby nodig en ik zie geen menstruatie.

  77. I need God’s MERCY in my life. I was diagnosed of uterine fibroids 4 years ago. I was advised not to go for surgery as the tumor was very small then. Buh now my tommy looks 7 months pregnant. Pls I need God’s MERCY In my life. I’m totally confused on what to do.

  78. Please pray for me. I was diagnosed of multiple fibroids more than 7 years ago and the symptoms are getting worse. I bleed for 3 weeks every month. And the anaemia is getting worse. I have been praying for a miracle but nothing is happening. I am slowly losing
    faith . I need your prayers.

    1. We understand your pain and frustration but we want to remind you to keep the faith. Fight the good fight. We will pray for you right now in the name of Jesus.

  79. Thank you so much for your testimony. Indeed you have given hope to so many people. I’m seeking prayers for total healing from intermural fibroids that caused miscarriage during pregnancy. The fibroid has been presenting inside the uterine lining as adenomyosis. I need God to nullify the doctor’s report and cause total and holistic healing in Jesus name. Please pray for me

  80. Im against surgery and I’m spending souch money to combat these fibroids. Jesus is a healer. And I know he can go to war for me. I need these fibroids out of my uterus. Right now in Jesus name

  81. Please put me on your prayer list. I have uterine fibroids that are increasing in size. They are affecting other organs in my body. I’m currently unemployed and lack insurance for medical care. I’m praying for a supernatural healing that Jesus will remove my fibroids without surgery. I connect with those that are praying for me. I trust and believe that Jesus will heal me. Thank you! Amen!

  82. Please with me for Gods healing, i had a fibroid surgery in 2020 and now its back i need God’s divine healing pls pray for me

  83. I was diagnosed with many and big uterine fibroids and they have caused me not to conceive. Pray for me for total healing I really need children in Jesus’name.

  84. I was diagnosed with having uterine fibroids 22 Years ago, the doctor did surgery to remove them 18 years back, now the recurred and doctors are suggesting hysterectomy. But I refused this time I believe God will heal me completely. Please Pray for me in Jesus Christ’s Name. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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