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Free Bible Tracts

Bible Tracts, Inc. and Gospel Tract and Bible Society recently sent us a colorful handful of free gospel tracts and we wanted to provide a quick review so that you can learn more about these awesome ministries.

These Christian booklets are made available free of charge to anyone who would be interested in them and they are intended to be used as a witnessing tool and for personal study. Did we mention that these are free? Seriously, they are 100% free with no catch. On the Bible Tracts, Inc website, a headline reads: “Salvation is free…so are our tracts.” Amen to that! If you are still skeptical, go to their websites and order some Bible tracts for yourself just as we did.

To order, visit these websites:

Bible Tracts, Inc

Gospel Tract and Bible Society

On both of their websites, they offer numerous free Bible tracts and come in many different color schemes, themes, and topics. We chose some tracts that we wanted and got them ordered. A few days later, they arrived in our mailbox.

We are excited to be able to add these tracts to our conversations when we are out in the world sharing Jesus. Also, we are thankful for ministries like these who are more focused on Jesus and not a monetary income. Check out the photos below of the free tracts that we received and be sure to stop by their websites to order some. We have quite a bit to hand out so that will keep us busy for awhile! Let us know which free tracts that you choose and how they have helped you and your mission.

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    1. Hello! We do not have tracts to send out but please follow the links in the article as they are the tract providers.

  1. My wife and I do Street Evangelism ever saturday in different locations.We are born again Christians.We are both Pensioners who wish to reach the lost for Jesus..Free tracts would be a Godsend for us.Would it be asking too much to ask you to send us 1000 free tracts which we assure you would certainly not be wasted.. Thank you in the precious name of Jesus. Hugh and Anne

    1. Hey there! Please see the links in the article to order the tracts. We do not provide them but the organizations that we wrote about do!

  2. Please see me 5,000
    Different gospel tracks, I want to share gods words with the lost and lonely people in the world

  3. I need 200 tracts for street evangelism as my husband and I do street evangelism every weekend.
    Thank you

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