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Owner and designer of Three Mighty Warriors, Shayna, sent a handful of fun Christian pins and stickers from her shop for review. She started the online shop as a way to thank Jesus for her salvation by designing T-shirts, pins, prints, and stickers to glorify His name. These exclusive designs are unique and do a great job in spreading the Word of the Lord!

The Pins

The enamel pins are wonderfully eye-catching and very colorful. They are perfect for getting the attention of others and will help offer the opportunity to talk about Jesus. Made from white soft enamel and black nickel, these pins are durable enough to travel with you on your coat, tie, backpack, purse, hat, or whatever else you want to pin them on. Each pin is approximately 1.25 inches at it longest points. Along with a cool Three Mighty Warriors logo on the back, you will also find a sharp nail along with a clutch to keep the pin safely secured to your material of choice.

The Stickers

The Christian stickers are quite charming as well. These vinyl stickers are water and weather proof so you can stick them to just about anything and anywhere that you feel like making an interesting statement of faith. I decided to stick one on my prayer journal which looks rather spiffy if I do say so myself. Each sticker is between 3-4 inches which is perfect for sticking on your fridge, car window, laptop, or even your forehead!

The Shop

Three Mighty Warriors offer much more than just these items in this review. They also have cool Christian shirts, prints, key tags, and even more pins and sticker designs to browse through. Head over to their official Etsy shop and be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates!

Three Mighty Warriors

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