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Draw Close to Jesus Christ with Christian Cartoons

The focus of “Draw For God” is to teach people about Jesus Christ along with God’s Word using the creative abilities that He has blessed us with to create Christian cartoons, Christian art, and Christian Videos.

At Draw For God, many different parts of the Bible are illustrated, sketched and doodled. Also included with the Christian art are the important instructions that Jesus has shared with us.

Through the Christian cartoons, art and comics, we hope to bring you much closer to God so that you may give your heart to Jesus just as we have. 💛

About the Christian Artist

Draw For God Brow

Ever since I’ve picked up a pencil at a very early age, I have really enjoyed drawing. Whether its a quick doodle or a full color production, drawing has always been a passion of mine.

Now, much later in life, I’ve come to realize that God has truly blessed with me a creative spiritual gift. Does God really want me to draw for Him? Well yes, that’s why he has blessed me with the ability to draw!

Teaching others about the Gospel of Jesus sounds like an excellent plan to me!

Salvation Prayer Cards

We’ve created these free salvation prayer cards to help you help others. Hand them out and share them online!

See the following to access the prayer cards:

Printable Salvation Prayer Cards (download, print, and cut)
Online Salvation Prayer Card (share in a text or online)

If you have not received your gift of salvation, please visit this page for more info: How To Draw Close To God

Contact Draw For God

May I share your comics and art?
Oh yes! Share, share and share. All that we ask is that you provide a link back to this site and do not alter the comic or art images in any way. Let us know where you have shared the content.

I want to send you money!
Yes please! Draw for God accepts donations of any amount to help this ministry grow. The easiest way to donate is to follow this link here: Donate to Draw for God

Send your questions and comments with the form below. Don’t forget to follow the official Draw For God Facebook Page, TwitterInstagram, and YouTube social media accounts!

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